At Etta Studio we believe in utilising everything that already exists on this planet. So we live by the phrase:

‘nothing new here’ 

For the base of all of our products, we rescue unwanted garments and rework them into forever pieces. We try to use up to 100% upcycled components, but sometimes when it comes to zips and trims, we have to buy new. The reason for this is that we want to upcycle into garments that last. 

Etta Lathan-Pons assisting on shoot

We offer a lifetime fixing service and will take back any unwanted products or at their end of life. We will then upcycle them into something else!

We are working towards a fully circular model, to make sure everything stays in one big loop!

We also offer a 10% discount across the store if you send us your old jeans or tees.